BAND has a strong history of service user involvement and we work to ensure that involvement is meaningful as we continue to develop effective, constructive and informed service user representation.

Service user involvement is central to our organisation’s values and service delivery. Extending involvement across the mental health economy lies at the heart of the work that we do.

What we love most about BAND is that we owe our very existence to the power that comes from service users wanting to share their experiences to provide a service that has Recovery at its heart.


What are we offering?

  • We work together with service users to raise their profile and the issues they face
  • We ensure service users have a voice in the planning and development of services
  • We develop informative workshops/training for mental health service users to increase their knowledge around identified issues, build their esteem and confidence to participate at different forums/meetings
  • We work directly with members to assist them to gain skills in strategic planning and action, so that they are able to effectively raise the awareness of particular disadvantages and barriers facing people who experience mental health problems, and can advocate effectively for their needs