Computer Recycling and Repairs in Bolton

Are you are in need of a repair for your PC or Laptop.
Most repairs can be done for £30.00 plus parts
Do you need data recovery?
Is your computer running very slowly?
Need to get rid of that unwanted virus ?Did you realise every year in the UK alone millions of computers are thrown away even through most are still useable?

Refurbished PC’s
FIX IT works in partnership with Microsoft to refurbish computers to the highest standards which include:

  • Electrical safety test and inspection
  • Wiping of data storage devices – guaranteed permanent removal of data
  • Hardware test and replacement/repair of faulty items
  • New licensed installation of Microsoft Windows
  • Installation of drivers
  • Anti virus software installed
  • Internet ready
  • Refurbished computers for sale at a reasonable price, starting at £ 30.00.

We can accept any computers that meet or exceed our minimum specification of Pentium 4 (or equivalent), 256Mb memory and 10Gb hard disk. Laptops are particularly welcomed. Please note we can only take flat screen monitors