Out and Abouters – For your guidance

The Out & Abouters activities are limited to 8 people per session and will be accessed on a first come first served basis.

If the group is over subscribed for any particular activity we will endeavour to be as fair as possible and try to give opportunity to all who are registered.

N.B. You will be notified if you need to go on a reserve list.

To qualify for an activity you should first be on the Out & Abouters register. This is easy to do: just contact the BAND office with your up-to-date contact details and ask to be placed on the group register.

On a monthly basis there will be a new programme of activities. These will be circulated to the people who have registered.

Once you have looked at the programme you need to confirm your attendance via the BAND office.

You are able to do this on the reply slip on the programme or by telephone or in person.

If you have confirmed and not attended for two dates without cancelling your attendance you will be unable to book on for 1 month of activities.

Carers may support individual members on the day but inform BAND of their attendance.

It is expected that the carer will take responsibility for the person that they are supporting.